Unleasing the power of your organisation is not about working harder it's about organising differently.

Self-managed organisations are emerging as the winners in a business climate that rewards agility and adaptability. Evolving Organisation specialise in making the journey to self-management.

We partner with companies to maximise the benefits of their organisational structure and minimise the disruption of transforming.

Benefits of Self-management

Bringing Our Best Self to Work

Traditional companies can have job descriptions and structures that mean staff only share a fraction of their skills and strengths. Self-management has a more adaptable structure which encourages people to share all their skills. Not surprisingly this leads to great work and happier people.

Autonomy, Creativity & Engagement

Traditional organisations spend a fortune trying to work out how to engage their staff. People are naturally interested and motivated to do work where they feel their contribution is valued. A self-managed organisation gets the organisation “out of the way” of this natural motivation and unleashes each employee’s best self.

Highly Effective Meetings

Clear processes for facilitating meetings leads to more productive and less time consuming meetings.

Lean & Adaptable Organisations

In self-management roles and structure are created in response to real tensions sensed by people doing the work. This ensures that the only roles and organisational structure created are the minimum required to get the work done.

Getting Things Done Together Easily

With a high value given to creating clarity between people, and providing ongoing ways of clarifying things which aren’t clear, it’s easier to get things done together in organisations that use Holacracy.

Alignment Around Purpose

In organisations which use self-management, everything that is done, every role, decision or action is in some way related to and driven by an organisational purpose. This is a grand claim which can be hard to believe until it is seen in action; and is highly sought after and rarely achieved in most organisations.

Smoothing the Path to Self-management in the UK

Evolving Organisation's method of self-management is Holacracy, which is a well established framework for delivering self- management while maximising gains and minimising disruption.

Because we use self-management and Holacracy to organise ourselves, we know the theory and the practice. Evolving Organisation founder Nick Osborne is the first certified Holacracy Coach based in the UK.

What’s Holacracy?

It's a new operating model for organisations. It gives companies:
  • Flexible organisational structure.
  • Efficient meeting processes.
  • More autonomy to teams and individuals.
  • Agile decision making processes.

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